Four Main reasons of failing Step 2 CK exam

  1. Lack of proper knowledge.This is the main reason behind failing this exam in most of the cases. USMLE wants you to have deeper concepts of medicine, so a superficial knowledge will not suffice. Many students start cramming the choices of the various Q banks and think that this can get them a passing score if not a very high score in the exam. But let us explain that Medicine is just like Mathematics and when we teach you medicine we are providing you with the formulas, which you can implement in the questions so if you have deeper concepts and you understand the formulas correctly you will correct the questions but if you don’t understand the formulas you are more likely to fail. The same principal applies in clinical practice also. Many doctors have a very good practice simply because they are able to implement these formulas in making a diagnosis and treating their patients. So what we teach at USMLEGLOBAL will not only help you in passing this exam with high scores but these concepts will also help you when you start your residency and finally your clinical practice.

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