Four Main reasons of failing Step 2 CK exam

  1. Lack of proper knowledge.This is the main reason behind failing this exam in most of the cases. USMLE wants you to have deeper concepts of medicine, so a superficial knowledge will not suffice. Many students start cramming the choices of the various Q banks and think that this can get them a passing score if not a very high score in the exam. But let us explain that Medicine is just like Mathematics and when we teach you medicine we are providing you with the formulas, which you can implement in the questions so if you have deeper concepts and you understand the formulas correctly you will correct the questions but if you don’t understand the formulas you are more likely to fail. The same principal applies in clinical practice also. Many doctors have a very good practice simply because they are able to implement these formulas in making a diagnosis and treating their patients. So what we teach at USMLEGLOBAL will not only help you in passing this exam with high scores but these concepts will also help you when you start your residency and finally your clinical practice.

  1. Inability to implement the knowledge into questions.This is the reason why we stress the importance of practicing as many questions as you can. We will teach you the concepts so after the session it is advisable to practice some good Q bank and whatever difficulties you face we can sort them out in the sessions. Once you finish with our sessions do mixed questions in timed mode from another Q bank and give the exam asap. We will also assess your progress by making you practice NBME questions from time to time. Also don’t procrastinate the exam too much because more you postpone the exam more you will forget the concepts as things are very volatile and as mentioned earlier they test deeper concepts not superficial knowledge. If after attending our sessions you still lack confidence you can rejoin us at discounted prices. Remember the best way to learn new concepts is to practice as many questions as possible.
  1. Time management.Many students complain that they were unable to finish their exam in time. They missed few questions in every block and especially lot of questions in last block. This happens again because they lack deeper knowledge. You have just over one minute to solve a question in the exam so if you are spending too much time in solving questions that means you are unsure of the choices. That’s why we emphasize against reading too many books because it does not simply helps as it leads to just confusion and anxiety. Also it is very difficult to revise too many books in the end especially when you have to revise the whole syllabus in just few days.
  2. Fear and anxiety.As we know it’s a nine-hour exam so just stick to your nerves and don’t lose your self-confidence. The best way to alleviate anxiety is to again practice questions.

So join our team now and crack this exam with full confidence so that you can accomplish your dream of starting residency and become a world-class physician in future.

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