30 days Online Course

30-day Online Course
This course includes one-on-one and group teaching. The syllabus will be finished within 30 days even if you are a beginner.
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1) Course Starts: Attend to our lectures and read our high yield notes. After each chapter practice questions from Uworld chapterwise. We will also conduct tests at the end of each chapter.

2) Assess yourself periodically: Give NBME test in the middle of the course. After the course finishes do mixed questions in timed mode from Kaplan Q bank or may be you can practice questions from USMLE Rx.

3) Give the exam: Give another NBME just before the exam. Do not delay and give the exam asap because more you delay more you will forget as things are very volatile.

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Our courses have you in mind, offering the best impact. Some time back I was in the same situation you are in right now. I, and my team fully understand what it takes to ace the exams and have successfully negotiated the exams. The Step 3 prep course has been structured so as to offer the highest exposure to the exam content. The USMLE Step 3 Course we offer comes in two different modules.

Group sessions totalling 100 hours. Preparations for exams are a lot different from routine brushing up. The sessions need to be just long enough to engage the student. Cramming does not really help to get past the finish line. We pace the sessions neatly, permitting the students to go back to their books and reference for additional preparation. Power packed two hour sessions per day, straddling 50 days will give you hundred hours of solid preparation. The cyclic sessions mean that missed out chapters can be caught up after 50 days. The assessments we conduct periodically will help you know your progress, while it will aid us to re-focus on areas of improvement.

Undivided attention. The USMLE Step-1 Study prep course that we offer is also available in a one on one format for those who feel that they fare better under personal coaching. The sessions have been designed to run for 30 days, with the same 2 hour session per day program. This optimizes concentration and focus. Attention spans actually tend to get diluted over very lengthy sessions. Therefore, we have carefully worked out the best formula to keep out students engrossed and fully attentive through lean and mean 2 hours sessions that deliver a punch.

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We conduct tests pursuant to completion of each chapter. This gives orientation to preparations. You are encouraged to self-assess yourself through NBME or Kaplan Q Bank or USMLE Rx. This will help you inch closer to hitting the curve at the right spot. We strongly recommend that you follow it up with another round of self-assessment to fine tune your preparations. At the end of all this, your confidence and preparation will begin to intersect on the path to success.

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