1) Group and One-on-one sessions: We have both group and one-one-one sessions according to your needs.

2) High Yield Notes: We will provide you notes, which will cover almost everything: so you don’t have to read too many books. Just read my notes, practice UW and give the exam.

3) Join us wherever you are: You can attend our sessions from any part of the world. You will get a classroom like experience. Teaching is through gotomeeting and you will feel like sitting in a classroom.

4) Practice questions: We will be practicing around 2000 questions including NBME, CLINICAL MASTERY SERIES (CMS) so that the real exam looks very simple to the student.

5) Easily understandable slides: We have a huge collection of high yield slides, CT scans, X-rays, MRI, which will make your concepts very clear.

6) Regular assessment: We will assess you periodically through tests at the end of each chapter

USMLE or the United States Medical Licensing Examinations can offer quite a challenge to the entrants! What it requires are the three P’s: Practice, Perseverance, and Patience to discover our strengths and weaknesses to act upon it! What is also needed is a well-designed and conceptualized courseware to suit your individual requirements. Only the best of the tutors and an expertly designed coursework could provide with the requisite details to clear the USMLE exams.

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We, at usmleglobal.com, provide you with highly skilled and recommended tutors, high-yield notes, and enough questions to solve to meet up with the three Ps of success! Notwithstanding the notes and practice questions, our online tutors have collected over the years several slides, scans and X-rays to make every single concept crystal clear to the students! Any doubt or query is immediately dealt with, concepts clarified thoroughly before proceeding to the next one.

We, at USMLE Global, believe that only a thorough and regular practice makes one perfect! The key to the success in such high-powered examinations depends upon attempting similar questions as the ones in the original USMLE exams. Our tutors conduct regular periodic assessments, tests to assess the skills before proceeding to the next topic!

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We can understand the frustration, which occurs when one prepares for the licensing exams. We have a passion for teaching and can help you guys who have difficulty in understanding the concepts of step 2 CK. We teach in groups and also one-on-one through gotomeeting. Once you join our sessions you will be highly motivated to crack this exam a.s.a.p. So join us now.