1) Group and One-on-one sessions: We have both group and one-one-one sessions according to your needs.

2) High Yield Notes: We will provide you notes, which will cover almost everything: so you don’t have to read too many books. Just read our notes, practice UW and give the exam.

3) Join us wherever you are: You can attend our sessions from any part of the world. You will get a classroom like experience. Teaching is through gotomeeting and you will feel like sitting in a classroom.

4) Practice questions: We will be practicing around 3000 questions including NBME, CLINICAL MASTERY SERIES (CMS) so that the real exam looks very simple to the student.

5) Easily understandable slides: We have a huge collection of high yield slides, CT scans, X-rays, MRI, which will make your concepts very clear.

6) Regular assessment: We will assess you periodically through tests at the end of each chapter

Students Taught

Trained to face their
Usmle step 1, Usmle step 2 and Usmle step 3

Years of Experience

Highly effective Usmle coaching with high yield notes and practice of at least 3000 questions in sessions

Pass Rate

More than 99% success rate with average increase in nbme score of 45 points

USMLE or the United States Medical Licensing Examinations can offer quite a challenge to the entrants! What it requires are the three P’s: Practice, Perseverance, and Patience to discover our strengths and weaknesses to act upon it! What is also needed is a well-designed and conceptualized courseware to suit your individual requirements. Only the best of the tutors and an expertly designed coursework could provide with the requisite details to clear the USMLE exams.

No time for preparations of the USMLE exam? Prepare at your leisure from our experienced and expert online tutors! We offer one-on-one and group USMLE tutoring depending upon your requirements to make it possible for you to understand the concepts of USMLE course clearly! Attempting an exam of this caliber requires a higher understanding of concepts and copious amounts of practice- this is what our tutors offer at our online USMLE coaching!

We, at usmleglobal.com, provide you with highly skilled and recommended tutors, high-yield notes, and enough questions to solve to meet up with the three Ps of success! Notwithstanding the notes and practice questions, our online tutors have collected over the years several slides, scans and X-rays to make every single concept crystal clear to the students! Any doubt or query is immediately dealt with, concepts clarified thoroughly before proceeding to the next one.

We, at USMLE Global, believe that only a thorough and regular practice makes one perfect! The key to the success in such high-powered examinations depends upon attempting similar questions as the ones in the original USMLE exams. Our tutors conduct regular periodic assessments, tests to assess the skills before proceeding to the next topic!

Have the best of online tutors to back you up in your preparation for the USMLE exams! Join us from anywhere around the world, to get the best and highly-skilled tutor to make the journey towards the unknown-easier and simpler!

Flummoxed by conflicting inputs about the kind of questions that you are likely to encounter in the exams? Outlined below are the types of USMLE questions you are likely to face during the exams. The questions will pertain to internal medicine, psychiatry, preventive medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery and paediatrics. In multiple choice format, the questions need to be attempted within a period of nine hours with reasonable breaks in between.

The USMLE questions will inevitably present you with an hypothetical situation (medial situation) and demanding you to offer either one or a combination of any of the following :-

Sample question (SOURCE – USMLE.ORG)

A 32-year-old woman with type 1 diabetes mellitus has had progressive renal failure over the past 2 years. She has not yet started dialysis. Examination shows no abnormalities. Her hemoglobin concentration is 9 g/dL, haematocrit is 28%, and mean corpuscular volume is 94 μm3. A blood smear shows normochromic, normocytic cells. Which of the following is the most likely cause?

(A) Acute blood loss

(B) Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

(C) Erythrocyte enzyme deficiency

(D) Erythropoietin deficiency

(E) Immunohemolysis

(F) Micro-angiopathic hemolysis 

Note that the question presents you with a situation and you are expected to reply by choosing the answer from the choices provided. The whole format of the exam is more or less the same, and tackling it requires a good grasp of the concepts, in addition to in-depth knowledge of the focus areas as mentioned above.

The exams are conducted through designated Prometric Testing Centres worldwide. The questions will appear on screen in different sets of 40 to 46 questions, with each section required to be completed in one hour.  It is ideal to take sample tests prior to the exam to get a feel of what it is like to actually face the exams, this will take a little bit of the pressure off you.

Cracking the USMLE opens the door to residency programs and a fulfilling career. More often than not students make the cardinal mistake of underpreparing for the exams, which is a mind sapping 9 hour grind. It is actually those nine hours that stand between you and a prospective residency program. Would it not be prudent to ace it in the first attempt and spare the apprehensions and the nail biting suspense, not to mention the repeat preparation that needs to go into it.

We have, to our credit, one of the highest hit rates as a USMLE TUTOR. This is because of the approach we adopt in guiding students to success. We draw for personal experiences and have updated the changes that are incorporated in the exam structure. This blend of the right material and the right approach has given us the ability to give our students a good start in preparations.

The resources we rely on have helped us to maintain our status one of the best USMLE TUTOR.  Preparation is all about timing. You really should time your preparations. There are two aspects that need to be considered during preparations. Self-assessment and preparation. The preparation should not be too much in advance from the exams itself. However, the self-assessment should not be too close to the exams. This throws up the perfect exam preparation quandary.  As one of the best USMLE STEP TUTOR we space out the training program in such a way as to give you the right timing. Hitting the curve at the right time will help you go ahead. A mis-timed move will see you slipping back to where you started.

We pace out the courses in a manner so as to keep you a step ahead and give the right kind of confidence. It is not with reason that we are hailed as one of the best USMLE STEP TUTOR. The course content, the teaching methodology, the assessment, the emphasis on identified areas of improvement, and the timing all combine to give you the right springboard to leap over to a residency program by scoring high in USMLE.  We will ensure that you master topics related to internal medicine, psychiatry, preventive medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery and paediatrics, etc. By the end of the training session you would acquire the knowledge to appear for USMLE with confidence.


We can understand the frustration, which occurs when one prepares for the licensing exams. We have a passion for teaching and can help you guys who have difficulty in understanding the concepts of USMLE. We teach in groups and also one-on-one through gotomeeting. Once you join our sessions you will be highly motivated to crack this exam a.s.a.p. So join us now.