A Perfect Guide to USMLE Step 2 Preparation

The period of preparation for USMLE Step 2 can be mentally exhausting and frustrating, especially when there is the pressure of passing and acing the exam to get into your preferred residency program. You could study and prepare by yourself, but it might be better to sign up for a reputable USMLE Step 2 course that is being taught by seasoned medical doctors who have a good track record helping their students pass. Here are more things to consider when preparing for that test:

  • Study the right way – The key to having a passing score or acing the exam is proper USMLE Step 2 preparation. This means having the right notes and study materials and testing yourself to understand the subjects that are challenging to you. Consider the type of learning environment where you can thrive the most. Do you prefer one-on-one learning or being in a small class? Either way, a USMLE Step 2 course should have both options that will suit your learning needs.
  • Avoid reading too many books – Not only will the information overload be overwhelming, it may prevent you from learning more efficiently, too. A good USMLE Step 2 preparation tutor will give you high yield notes to cover almost everything you will need to know and understand for the exam. This way, learning is more organized, and it will be easier for you to absorb the knowledge and information.
  • Do not worry about getting into class – Traffic and time management could stress you out and affect your ability to learn in class. So consider a USMLE Step 2 course that lets you attend your classes wherever you are. This is possible through online classrooms, which feel like an actual classroom itself.
  • Participate in regular assessments – Answer practice questions and take mock exams to gain a feel of the actual USMLE Step 2 test, and to identify areas you are having difficulty with.